Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello world, my mission  is to tell the  everyone exactly  how i feel about the things i see.We live in a world of seduction and deception and nasty human habits in which we justify for our survival.I am tired ,just tired
Everything that was ever told to u is a lie and counting. I am striving to hold on to the part of me that respects discipline ,honor and truth.I was once told by a mentor that restraint builds ones discipline so that you will not be a slave to our own desires. Easily said than done,but can be achieved all the same,we are all judged at some point in time in our lives and it is that judgement  i don't fear.If some one can't point out my weakness i am thankful weather they did it out of malice or not.If one truly cares for me they would want to see me do better.This whole idea of non judgmental response is to allow us to excuse each others faults in return giving us free reign to act the fool.This human behavior of selling ourselves seduction and deception sickens me  and is hurtful to the soul.Some of  us i believe have no soul which it why we appear as if we sold it.Women have no respect for themselves nor do they respect men with virtue.This country glorifies and normalizes the selling of one's self not for freedom but for capitalism and control.Prostitution is good discipline is bad, yet everyone wants justice.Nasty habits and immorality is reward by making these individual people to trust and follow.If you feel as though the more you try to hold on to some decency the society separates and ridicules you for wanting change.My uncle told me that America is like a pretty pink box with a nice bow and shit own the inside.Wake up folks, face reality how long can we pretend to go along to get along.Pretty soon the pink box will start to smell and they won't be enough  bows to cover it up.

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